[Taxacom] Use of "nomen invalidum" versus "nomen nudum" in botany

Tony Rees tonyrees49 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 19:08:49 CDT 2016

Dear Taxacomers,

I am seeking some guidance as to the circumstances in which either "nomen
invalidum" or "nomen nudum" might preferably be used in botany. In zoology,
it is customary to use "nomen nudum" for names published without e.g. an
adequate description, desgnatioin of type species for a genus, and so on.
In botany (for example many entries in Index Nominum Genericorum) the
standard wording appears to be "not validly published" (?=nomen invalidum)
which I interpret to coverr the same territory - or possibly a superset of
it. Does this mean that "nomen nudum" is not really a term used in botany,
even though it is included in the glossary to the botanical Code?

Any advice appreciated,

Regards - Tony

Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia

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