[Taxacom] Plant-Animal Interactions Special Issue in Acta Agrobotanica

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To whom it could be interresting.

Dear Andrev,

I have possibielity to publish 2-3 papers from Ukraine for free in special
issue of Acta Agrobotanica . If you know peple whou might be interested,
please pass the information. I specially invite you, if you have relevant

With best regards


“Plant–animal interactions”

To exchange the knowledge in current discussion about plant–animal
relationships, we plan to publish an issue in March 2017 entitled
“Plant–animal interactions”.

Our mission is to present for broader audience the variability of
plant–animal co-adaptations on structural, molecular and physiological
level, plants’ interactions with arthropods and other organisms (e.g.,
pollination, herbivory, seed dispersal), and impact of animals on economic
plant productivity.

We sincerely invite to prepare the papers to our special issue.

The submission due date is *2016-10-31*. Original research papers, reviews
as well as short communications are eagerly invited.

The guest editors of the issue are:

   - Małgorzata Stpiczyńska, University of Warsaw, Poland
   - Marcin Zych, University of Warsaw, Poland.

Journal policies (including guidelines for manuscript preparation) are
available at: https://pbsociety.org.pl/journals/index.php/aa/about

You will find a dedicated section for the manuscripts to be submitted for
the issue – “Plant–animal interactions”.

Please contact the journal editorial office if you have any questions.

Bożena Denisow
Editor-in-Chief, Acta Agrobotanica
University of Life Sciences in Lublin
b.denisow at pbsociety.org.pl


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