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Antonio López Almirall cycas at mnhnc.inf.cu
Fri Sep 9 09:56:17 CDT 2016

Between 1987 and 1994 did my own database with them exemplary deposited of 
taxa endemic in the main herbal Cuban, and in the collections of the 
Smithsonian Institution, the University of Montreal and the Institute 
Komarov. This database is updated every five years. The number of taxa 
included in the nearly 30 thousand records is of 1698.
Since then I have been publishing distribution patterns that have allowed me 
to define the origins of the Cuban flora with prioritized conservation 
centers, an estimate of the intensity of speciation, general patterns on the 
transition zone flora of the Neotropics, a regional index of biological 
aridity for Cuba, an estimator on the most advantageous source of crops that 
can be used on the island and an estimator on the degree of threat of 
invasive species that can come from other part.
For this and with the amount of information available, was in conditions of 
demonstrate of way practice the possibility of use all them levels taxonomic 
for study the diversity biological and new methods to analyze the diversity 
biological beta to scales biogeograricas. This only with the information 
that appears on the labels of them herbal.

Dr. Antonio López Almirall
Curator of herbarium and Heado of Botany
National Museum of Natural History
Obispo 61, La Habana Vieja 10100
La Habana, Cuba
email: cycas at mnhnc.inf.cu

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