[Taxacom] Articles

JF Mate aphodiinaemate at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 23:10:55 CDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

sorry for posting a request but I am unable (surprisingly) to get hold
of these articles. If anybody can supply PDF copies of any of them,
but in particular the first one I would be very grateful.

Britten, H. 1926: Two undescribed species of Actinopteryx from Baudin
Island, N.W. Australia. Entomologist's monthly magazine, 62: 50-51.

Johnson, C. 1982. Ptiliidae (Coleoptera) from the Galapagos and Cocos
Islands. Brenesia 19/20: 189-199

Johnson, C. 1985. Revision of Ptiliidae (Coleoptera) occurring in the
Mascarenes, Seychelles and neighbouring islands. Entomologica
Basiliensia 10: 159-237.



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