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Actually John, the zoological code, unlike the botanical code, says very little about how to cite authors, so et al. is fine.

Cheers, Stephen

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 Subject: [Taxacom] multiple authors new species
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 Dear colleagues,
 I expect that the answer is somewhere in the Rules of
 Nomenclature so I hope I will be forgiven my asking such a
 simple question
 in this venue. What is the recommended or accepted form of
 author citation
 for a species that has multiple authors, in this case an
 insect -
 Thitarodes biruensis (Fu and seven other authors, 2002).
 Should it be
 Thitarodes biruensis (Fu et. al., 2002) or something else?
 Its in
 parentheses as it was named under a different genus name.
 Thank you,
 John Grehan
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