[Taxacom] multiple authors new species

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Better a punctuation error than substituting with the 'trendy' ... & al.

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> Many thanks to everyone 'et. al.' for the feedback.
> John Grehan


It seems no-one has pointed out the punctuation error - there is no '.'
after 'et', only after 'al'. Et is not an abbreviation, unlike 'al', so does
not need a '.' after it.

The correct citation for the species should be Thitarodes biruensis (Fu et
al., 2002).

By the way, I see this is a Chinese Hepialid. I remember last time I was in
the BMNH in 2006(temporarily in Wandsworth at the time) I was talking to my
old friend Gaden Robinson (RIP) and he was complaining about the new
Hepialid volume of Fauna Sinica that had just arrived. It was full of
synonyms and taxonomic issues, and he was really frustrated having just
finished a revision of the family. He said "If I had any hair left I would
be pulling it out right now".


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