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et al. of course.

Yes, there is a huge swathe of very poorly described and delineated ghost
> moths generated from China, most involving the genus Thitarodes - a group
> with species where fungal infected larvae are in high demand as traditional
> medicine. Gaden's reaction is quite understandable. And the type material
> is  inaccessible from outside (but then, that's not a problem limited to
> China) so nothing to be done until someone there decides to properly
> revise. Quite interesting about the Fauna Sinica book is that it presented
> very detailed and high quality morphological illustrations for larval
> stages, but virtually the opposite for the adults.

John Grehan

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> Many thanks to everyone 'et. al.' for the feedback.
>> John Grehan
> John,
> It seems no-one has pointed out the punctuation error - there is no '.'
> after 'et', only after 'al'. Et is not an abbreviation, unlike 'al', so
> does not need a '.' after it.
> The correct citation for the species should be Thitarodes biruensis (Fu et
> al., 2002).
> By the way, I see this is a Chinese Hepialid. I remember last time I was
> in the BMNH in 2006(temporarily in Wandsworth at the time) I was talking to
> my old friend Gaden Robinson (RIP) and he was complaining about the new
> Hepialid volume of Fauna Sinica that had just arrived. It was full of
> synonyms and taxonomic issues, and he was really frustrated having just
> finished a revision of the family. He said "If I had any hair left I would
> be pulling it out right now".
> Adam.
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