[Taxacom] Forrester Island, Alaska, endemic centipedes

Derek Sikes dssikes at alaska.edu
Wed Apr 5 14:23:22 CDT 2017


A colleague of mine recently visited and collected centipede (and some
millipede) specimens on Forrester Island, Alaska. These have been donated
to the University of Alaska Museum Insect Collection.

Forrester Island is the type locality of the following three centipede

*Zygethopolys nothus* Chamberlin 1925

*Oabius uleorus* Chamberlin 1916

*Paobius boreus* Chamberlin 1916

all in the family Lithobiidae. As far as I can tell these three species
have not been collected elsewhere making them of some interest as
potentially highly restricted endemics (or perhaps junior synonyms awaiting

I'd like to loan this small collection out to someone who could identify
these specimens and possibly make use of them taxonomically.

I hope to obtain DNA barcodes from these specimens so will remove a few
legs before loaning them out.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in receiving this loan
please contact me.



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