[Taxacom] parentheses (or not) on Nemophora tyriochrysa Meyrick, 1935

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Wed Aug 23 13:06:30 CDT 2017

And I would add that there is no Lep community when it comes to gender
agreement.  Maybe most do not worry about it, but either way it's not a
'community decision'. Certainly it is a confusing situation.For the group I
study a global list was one setup for which I understand that gender
agreement was not followed, but I did not have the level of fanatical
intent (in this particular case) to check up on the gender applicable for
each species and so unless something indicates the need to the contrary I
have followed that list. For example, there was case the usage in the
country of origin for a particular species did follow gender agreement
(following a taxonomic revision to that effect) so I ignore the global list
preference for not doing so.

John Grehan


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> The lep community has collectively decided to ignore the Code, and they
>> don't use parentheses.
>> Mike
> The above statement is incorrect.
> Lepidopterists certainly do follow the Code in every aspect *except gender
> agreement* and definitely do use parentheses when a taxon has been moved to
> a different genus to the one it was originally described under.
> Adam.
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