[Taxacom] Nonsense in ZooKeys (photo based taxonomy again)

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Sun Aug 27 19:25:04 CDT 2017

Here you go Ray: https://zookeys.pensoft.net/article/10945/

The public (of Russia) has paid to make this garbage open access! 'This work [garbage] was financially supported by the Russian Scientific Fund (project No. 14-50-00029, “Scientific bases of the national biobank, the depository of living systems”)'

If only we could get public funding for our garbage, eh Ray! :)


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 Stephen (your comment below makes sense), but can you
 please provide a link to the paper so I can look at the
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 Subject: [Taxacom] Nonsense in ZooKeys (photo based
 taxonomy again)
 An article was published a few
 days ago in ZooKeys, on the subject of photo based taxonomy.
 From the abstract:
 'If a taxonomist has omitted to compare the new typeless
 species with the known species externally similar to it, the
 latter cannot be diagnosed and its name in that case becomes
 nomen nudum.'
 Presumably they mean the FORMER cannot be diagnosed. By
 "typeless species", they just mean no preserved
 specimen as type. Anyway, it seems that they have made a
 rather creative interpretation of Article 13.1.1.
 13.1.1. be accompanied by a description or definition that
 states in words characters that are purported to
 differentiate the taxon
 The authors pontificate thusly (and erroneously): 
 'So, when describing a new typeless species a specialist
 should differentiate it from all the species described
 earlier. If the taxonomist in the differential diagnosis
 misses the comparison to a known species with which a
 typeless species is similar externally,
  the latter cannot be diagnosed on any account, and
 therefore its name falls under the definition of nomen
 nudum. Once again, we need to emphasize that nomen nudum
 here would be the result of nonprofessional actions of the
 taxonomist, who should have formally
  approached the task of comparison of typeless species to
 the closely related species described earlier'
 The authors have just ignored the term 'purported'.
 Clearly it means 'purported by the authors of the new
 taxon', not 'purported by consensus of experts in
 the group'! Missing a character(s) which actually does
 differentiate a new taxon obviously does not invalidate
  the description (nomen nudum). At worst, it may lead to a
 nomen dubium. Clearly, there is no requirement in the Code
 to EXPLICITLY compare a purported new taxon with all known
 relatives! One simply has to specify characters which one
 thinks uniquely diagnoses
  the purported new taxon.
 If anyone can make much sense of the rest of the article,
 which reads like jibberish to me, then I'd be very
 interested to hear it!
 Let's stop filling the world scientific literature with
 nonsense, shall we?
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