[Taxacom] Nonsense in ZooKeys (photo based taxonomy again)

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Mon Aug 28 15:21:46 CDT 2017

Geoff said: "Okay authors are always responsible for content, not reviewers, ..."

Just out of interest then, what are reviewers responsible for? I suspect you mean that they are not responsible for individual fact checking, but "content" is, of course, more than that.

Anyway, Geoff has rightly pointed out yet another example wherein an author with an agenda can sneak any old "alternative fact" into the scientific literature in order to try to bolster their argument. And the end of the day, the annoying thing about articles like this one is that people with similar agendas to the authors will cite the article as a "peer reviewed publication in a reputable journal" to support their view, when in fact the article is just garbage.


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