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Fred Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
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On 8/31/2017 8:13 PM, Michael A. Ivie wrote:

> Sure it is theft If it belongs to 
> someone else, and you don't have their permission to take it, and you 
> take it anyway, it is theft.  Very, very simple, a 5 year old can handle 
> this.  And, selling something for an outrageous amount is not theft, com'on 
> Stephen! 

* the problem here is a very complete conflict of interest in the 
handlers of the same text. For the scientific author (except, in some 
cases, perhaps some of us with no institutional income, or some NGOs) 
'profit' (status and success) come from the widest and fastest possible 
distribution of the work at the minimum possible cost, while for a 
commercial publisher success in handling the work comes in the form of 
maximum monetary profit from sales of copies - even pdf copies which 
cost nothing to produce but are offered at $35/day.

Many commercial publishers are so antithetical to the goals of the 
science they publish that one would need to troll the lowest dregs of 
shakespearian epithets to find words fit to describe them.

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