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To draw the well defined lower line for what constitutes a description can be difficult, and this is almost certainly why the term is not specified in the Cope. From my time in the Nomencltural Committee for Vascular plants I remember many discussions. The is no exact parallel in the Code to your case, but under Art. 32 there is a voted example: "Ex.4. “Fumaria ×salmonii” (Druce, List Brit. Pl.: 4. 1908) is not validly published, as only the presumed parentage F. densiflora × F. officinalis is stated." I agree that some may think that there is more information in your case, but "Sédum à feuill. en croix" is just a translation of the Latin name, and as far as remember previous cases, the information that a plant is perennial has never been considered enough to make up a validating description. 

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Hi to all

I have a problem with the name of a vascular plant: Sedum cruciatum Desf. (Tabl. Ecol. bot.: 162, 1804. See BHL at: http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/48715#page/174/mode/1up<http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/48715>). This name could be a "nomen subnudum" or a "nomen nudum". The only info given are:

- Sedum cruciatum. [Latin name].

- Sédum à feuill. en croix. [French name]

- Perennial [Jupiter symbol]

This name was subsequently published (in the right way) by DC. in the 1805.

Is this name validly published under the Code or not ?

The literature on this topic doesn't seem provide a univocal answer.

Thanks for the help

Lorenzo Gallo

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