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Thomas Pape tpape at snm.ku.dk
Tue Feb 7 03:53:52 CST 2017

Dear all,

The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature (BZN) experienced a regrettable delay during 2016 as time was needed for replacement of staff in the ICZN Secretariat as well as the physical relocation of the Secretariat from London to Singapore.

The three pending issues of volume 73 will be published and distributed as a combined vol. 73(2-4) in March. Proofs have been corrected and returned to the printer.

The BZN will from volume 74 be produced only in an electronic version, which will be available through BioOne (http://www.bioone.org/loi/bzno) as well as through institutional and personal subscriptions (http://www.iczn.org/content/order-bulletin).

Still more journals, books and other publications are being produced only electronically ("e-only").
It is important to realise, that the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature has rules that specifically regulates the requirements for e-only publications ('works') to be considered published in the sense of zoological nomenclature. Where these are not fulfilled, the new names and other nomenclatural acts are not recognised. In short, the requirements are:

1)    The publication must be registered in ZooBank (http://zoobank.org<http://zoobank.org/>) PRIOR to it being published in the sense of the Code. [Registration of new names is optional but recommended.]
2)    Evidence of registration must be included within the publication itself, which is most commonly the registration number assigned to the publication or to a new name in that publication.
3)    The ZooBank record must include an ISSN (or ISBN) for the journal (or book) in which the work will appear. [An ISSN can ONLY be given for the journal and not for individual articles within the journal.]
4)    The ZooBank record must include an intended online archive, preferably indicated for the Journal itself as this will then cover all subsequent articles, but it may be given for specific articles as well.
5)    A date of publication (preferably including day, month and year) must be included within the publication itself.

More elaborate versions of this can be found at: http://zoobank.org/About or in the Code itself: http://iczn.org/code.

Surprisingly often, one or more of these requirements are not fulfilled, with the missing archive perhaps being the most common slip. Remember to check!

The way scientific information is published and disseminated is changing dramatically. The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature must adapt, where relevant and under due diligence.
The Commission has initiated the editorial process that will ultimately bring about the fifth edition of the Code. I should like to stress that Code-5 is years ahead -- extensive discussions will have to be undertaken within the Commission, and at some stage we will want (and need) to reach out to all of you.

Best regards,
Thomas Pape

Thomas Pape, Natural History Museum of Denmark
President of ICZN

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