[Taxacom] New ghost moth

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 10:37:12 CST 2017

I know that one species is not inherently more interesting than any other,
but for those perhaps interested in the nature of pattern and design in
moths and butterflies (or any organisms for that matter) I thought to bring
to attention a new ghost moth species from Peru (Viridigigas ciseskii) with
quite an elaborate and detailed wing pattern that is new for the family
(and as far as I know, unique among the Lepidoptera). It also doesn't hurt
that the moth is fairly large and the color tone is quite striking in of
itself. The moth is currently known only from two specimens, one unique
male and one female, both collected in the same year, but never before
discovered despite the large size.

You can see a pic at

The species is quite an exciting find for me and perhaps half a dozen
others, but apologies in advance to anyone else for cluttering TAXACOM with
this trivia.

John Grehan

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