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I agree with Frank's comment wholeheartedly, and I wish journals would not sow confusion by pre-publishing (taxonomic decisions or anything else). 
At the same time, there is perhaps a secondary lesson to be learned. When it comes to issues relevant to nomenclature, it would be better for the ICZN to anticipate and lead, instead of being forced to react. With respect to the pre-publication issue, I would have preferred if the Commission had produced the rules for how taxonomic decisions could be produced if published online only, TO THE EXCLUSION of all other options. That would have taken care of pre-publication. As it is, there are loopholes, and Frank's paper was one that needed to be written to address one of these loopholes. Of course, it is tricky to anticipate all possibilities, but I would much rather have the ICZN err on the side of caution by setting strict limits a priori, as opposed to allowing all kinds of names to potentially become available via pre-publication or other questionable paths and then having to later address the confusion.
In this day and age, when so much can be produced so quickly, I believe it is critically important for the Commission to become a proactive institution instead of remaining a reactive one, a rapid-response association that takes care of issues of nomenclature AND of the taxonomic decisions that produce them. This is not meant to be a form of scientific censorship, it is merely a way to safeguard scientific processes - while it would certainly benefit a key ideal of the ICZN, nomenclatural stability. I think this would not only be a great service to the community at large, it would also ensure that the Commission is properly regarded as a highly relevant institution worthy of enduring financial support.

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If it fulfills the criteria for availability of electronic publications it would be available:
But I suspect the paper would neither have an ISSN nor would it be archived in an approved archived separate from the publisher. So it would not fulfill all the criteria for availability and would be considered unpublished and unavailable for nomenclatural purposes. I would not pre-publish any nomenclaturally relevant paper. Just publish it!




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