[Taxacom] Postdoc opportunity at the Natural History Museum

Ian Kitching i.kitching at nhm.ac.uk
Tue Jan 10 03:14:45 CST 2017

I would like to draw your attention to a postdoc position currently being advertised at the Natural History Museum, London. This is an opportunity to undertake research and develop personal skills within a large interdisciplinary science group of approximately 300 scientists, with access to a suite of state-of-the-art analytical and imaging facilities, some of the largest and most significant scientific collections in the world, an internationally important natural history library, and which will provide the opportunity to communicate science to a huge national and international audience.

This postdoctoral position offers a unique opportunity to be part of an international team with members in the UK, USA and Australia that is undertaking a five-year phylogenetic research project into the evolution of two principal sensory systems (vision and olfaction) in a model insect group, the silkmoths, hawkmoths and their relatives. The successful applicant will undertake morphological and genetic research using the latest facilities in micro-CT scanning, scanning electron microscopy and phylogenomics. There will be opportunities for exchange visits with partner laboratories in the US, attendance at high-profile scientific meetings and tropical field work. The successful applicant will work with undergraduate students and KS5 school students at the Natural History Museum, have the opportunity to supervise MSc and MRes students, and take part in diverse public outreach activities, including in-gallery events at the NHM and project blogs.

For further details, please go to https://nhm.irecruittotal.com/CONFIG/NHM/StaticPages/CAC/SearchVacancy.aspx?EmploymentTypeID=0&Intranet=0  under "Postdoctoral Researcher, NERC Silkmoth". The advertisement is open until January 30th.
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