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Thanks, Francisco, you are correct.

My point was to show an analogy with Article, which states that "An error in stating the evidence of registration does not make [an electronic] work unavailable ..."
In the same way, an error in stating the correct date will not make an electronic work non-compliant. A date given as "2016" may be seen as an error for the actual date.

/Thomas Pape

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Am 10.01.2017 um 14:12 schrieb Thomas Pape:
> Note also, that the Code does not regulate cases, where the date of publication is given in error.
I disagree with this statement. Art. 21.4 rules such cases. A date that was given incorrectly still meets the requirement of a specified date. 
The date must be corrected by the community (for example in ZooBank entries), but the availability should remain unaffected.

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