[Taxacom] Electronic publication

Hinrich Kaiser chalcopis at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 12:18:52 CST 2017

I have a related instance, from a paper describing two new snake species. The paper appeared online (in an online-only journal). In the paper's only map the names of the species were misspelled, clearly a lapsus in editing. This must have been discovered some days later, and a new version was posted in place of the old. Therefore, the original version (which happened to be the one I downloaded initially) was akin to a pre-publication, and the current version could be considered the "version of record."
The question is whether this swap was Code-compliant or not (I don't think it was), and whether the misspelled names were introduced and should be considered nomina nuda or whether they should be listed in synonym lists as emended names. Had the original version remained, that would be one thing, but with the swap there are now two versions, and nobody has added a comment to the second about one how the first should be treated.

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