[Taxacom] Electronic publication

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Tue Jan 10 13:37:12 CST 2017

> While initially my idea of a Taxon Filter becoming reality appeared a little bit far fetched, 
> I think that any names produced by minimally Code-compliant procedures would require 
> some form of quality control and the Taxon Filter models that.

I'm not sure I follow your meaning of "Taxon filter".  Would such a filter be required by the Code?  If so, then wouldn't it be part of the definition of "minimally Code-compliant"? 

> I believe the next edition of the Code should include a set of best taxonomic practices that, 
> from the date the new Code takes effect, forms the basis for rejecting names that violate 
> these practices or the "spirit of the Code" as outlined in the Preamble, or the Code of Ethics. 

Could you draft these ideas in the form of proposed Articles for the next Code, written in such a way that they can be objectively interpreted and applied?  I don't think I could.

> Thus, dipterists, nematologists, herpetologists, and other zoological specialty organizations 
> would be asked to constitute such a panel however they see fit, and these panels would deal 
> with enforcing the new Code, perhaps with the vote of two thirds of panel members required 
> to reject a taxonomic decisions. 

I'm not sure what you mean by "enforcing the new Code".  Are you effectively suggesting a mandatory peer-review process for all new names?  Would this be applied before a name becomes available, or could it be retroactively applied to names that were technically available under the Code until the panel chose to suppress them?  Wouldn't such a system be VASTLY easier to implement if all new names and nomenclatural acts became available through a registration system, rather than scattered across thousands of publishers and laser printers around the world?

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