[Taxacom] Electronic publication

Hinrich Kaiser chalcopis at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 14:50:16 CST 2017

The system you describe, Rich, is very helpful and clearly superior to the status quo in getting the nomenclature side better organized. You describe a single valid formula for getting taxonomic decisions (including new names, resurrection of names from synonymy, placement of names into synonymy, and others) into the realm of nomenclature. That is good, because 
I think for me (and likely for many others) the issue is that we would prefer that the taxonomy itself is improved to the extent that at least specimens are seen, data are collected, and taxonomic decisions have a scientific underpinning. Of course, peer review does this, and most journals work as safeguards of this process, but there are some who do not care about proper scientific processes and only want to put their names through. The system you describe appears to permit such pretenders unearned access so that they can accelerate the pace by which they feed names into nomenclature.
I realize that this is not a problem in most instances, but having had to deal with about 800 names recently makes me very wary of changes that appear to promote the negatives I have seen.

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