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There is an aspect to this whole thread which is very odd! The only way that the new proposals being tabled here differ from the status quo is that they try to prevent bad taxonomy from being published in a slightly different way to standard peer review (and, I suppose, effectively block taxonomy from being published without peer review, although it still can be published and those factions who are OK with that can continue to use new names published by that means). However, given the huge volume of new names published every year, and given time pressures on potential peer reviewers which already compromises the peer review process in some cases, I can't see these proposals making much of a difference in reality (except that some herp guys will use the new system to quickly pounce on the attempted publication of new names by some other herp guys!)


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 Hi Fred,
 I understand how that
 algorithm works. Doug and i have talked about this
 I’m talking about phylum level — sorry I meant to say
 that in the post
 but left it out. I’m
 thinking meiofauna types of stuff…
 Animal kingdom would be the next level up then
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 >On 1/11/2017
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 >> One other point — this system may
 work for well-known groups, but it
 depends solely on folks around the world volunteering to
 review and
 >> register their
 speciality. There is no assurance of that happening.
 >> And another
 point — If author A has a MS a new taxon of a very rare
 >> little-known group and it is
 submitted for which there are no
 peer-reviewers registered, what happens? I assume since it
 >> registered=available, author A
 gets a free pass until such day as
 registers — does that late registrant automatically get to
 see all past
 >> papers submitted in
 his/her speciality for review?
 >* surely the algorithms for the callout for
 reviewers would go to a
 >wider taxonomic
 scope if nobody was registered for the genus the ms
 >deals with. This is the kind of problem
 algorithms are good at handling.
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