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John Noyes j.noyes at nhm.ac.uk
Fri Jan 13 04:44:09 CST 2017

Hi Rich,
I said 

"..> I have always advocated that it should be mandatory for all 
..> publications including nomenclatural acts to be stored on ZooBank as 
..> PDF's
..> (whatever) and freely available."

and you replied:

">I think that would be great!  And it was discussed extensively at the time the Amendment for electronic publications was being drafted.  But it was eventually abandoned as a requirement (at this stage) due to copyright concerns."
I think you slightly misunderstood me. My reason for giving the example was to show how easy it would be to publish taxonomy bypassing publishers. Without publishers there should be no problem with copyright. My model is that taxonomists can write their papers (species descriptions, revisions etc.) in the same way that they are now, get them reviewed by respected peers and deposit the whole PDF/A in ZooBank where it is freely available. Those that can afford it may still get their papers published in the normal way but pay the publishers to allow the publication to be made freely available on ZooBank. That way, all taxonomic and nomenclatural acts will be  archived and made freely  and EASILY available. I do not see any problems with this model, except perhaps that some organisations/ funding agencies require research to be published in high ranking journals, but if this is the case these organisations/funding agencies should  provide sufficient funding to enable this to happen. After all, government agencies in the US (and Canada?) already insist on this.  I certainly think this would be a lot easier than Doug's "taxon filter" to implement and would, in my view, solve most, if not all, other important problems.

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