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Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Fri Jan 13 15:39:04 CST 2017

> I think you slightly misunderstood me. My reason for giving the example was
> to show how easy it would be to publish taxonomy bypassing publishers.
> Without publishers there should be no problem with copyright. 

Oh!  Sorry -- I thought you meant that authors should deposit their PDFs from myriad publishers into ZooBank.  What you are effectively advocating is essentially what Doug is advocating; except I gather in your view names published in other Journals (outside of the ZooBank Registration/Publication process) would also continue to be available under the Code. And also it's not clear whether the ZooBank Journal you outline would have any form of review.

Or, perhaps, you're talking about more or less what I'm advocating, which is that all elements for establishing new names (some of which are mandatory for the Code, and perhaps some of which are optional) would be embedded into the registration
process.  Having that generate a formatted PDF would, as you note, be trivial.  As would assigning an ISSN.  By my feeling on that (PDF/ISSN) is: why even bother?  

In some ways this illustrates where the line between "robust registration" and "publication" are blurred.  That was the basis for the latter part of my recent epic post, where I listed Goals and Questions.


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