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Actually, the table at the end of this article shows very few names having
been based on DNA alone — many do have morphological diagnoses. But the
insect example by Andy Brower (the only animal example based solely on
DNA) is definitely worth a read — and a laugh. Great sense of humor on the
naming of the “alleged” ten species that had previously been separated by
barcoding but never given names. The etymologies had me in stitches. Love
ya Andy!


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>There is a point of view article on the subject including a
>comprehensive list of animal and plant species described on DNA sequence
>data alone (up to mid-2016):
>Renner, SS 2016. A return to Linnaeus’s focus on diagnosis, not
>description: The use of DNA characters in the formal naming of species.
>Systematic Biology 65(6): 1085-1095.
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>>  Dear colleagues,
>>  I'm looking for instances of animal species that have been
>>  described based
>>  on DNA sequences alone.
>>  I'd also be very interested in your opinion about this
>>  issue.
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