[Taxacom] Free journal for biological databases

Ross Mounce rcm61 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 19 11:11:42 CST 2017

Dear Vinícius,

I would recommend the journal 'Data' to you, and others wishing to 
publish about data and databases:

It is a fairly new open access journal and so is not charging 
publication fees yet.

" /Data/(ISSN 2306-5729) is a new journal and *publication fees are 
fully waived for papers submitted in 2017.*However, a fee of 250 CHF may 
apply for those articles that need major editing and formatting and/or 
English editing." -- http://www.mdpi.com/journal/data/apc

I would recommend you publish your "biological database" with a Data 
Descriptor paper. I am on the editorial board of this journal and would 
be happy to answer any further questions you may have about it.

For exemplar articles of this type, I recommend you read what is 
probably the most impressive one Data has published so far (in my opinion):

Hartgerink, C. (2016) 688,112 Statistical Results: Content Mining 
Psychology Articles for Statistical Test Results. Data /1/(3), 14; doi: 

All the best,



Ross Mounce, PhD
Software Sustainability Institute Fellow 2016
Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

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