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Thanks, Rod, a very useful resource.

Probably a dumb question - how does one download a multi-page PDF of a paper? BioStor displays individual pages.
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For the last few years I've been running a web site called "BioStor" http://biostor.org which has some 170,000 Open Access articles extracted from the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) http://biodiversitylibrary.org . New articles are added weekly (sometimes daily), and every week BHL harvests any newly extracted articles and adds them to the BHL site where they appear in the "Table of contents" tab you see displayed on most BHL pages.

I thought it might be useful to highlght some recent additions to BioStor. While initially BHL focussed on pre-1923 content, many of the articles in BioStor are much more recent than that, and include articles published in the last year (BioStor even has articles on DNA barcoding http://biostor.org/?q=dna+barcoding ).

If you like amphipods then the newly added journal "Amphipacifica" might be of interest, e.g. http://biostor.org/issn/1189-9905/year/2000

For entomologists recent additions include "Psyche" http://biostor.org/issn/0033-2615/year/1988, and "Journal of The New York Entomological" Society http://biostor.org/issn/0028-7199/year/1999

Spiders more your thing? Then there is "Arachnologische Mitteilungen" http://biostor.org/issn/1018-4171/year/1997

For nomenclature junkies there is a nearly complete list of Cases and Opinions of the ICZN up until 2007 http://biostor.org/issn/0007-5167/year/2006

Botanists will find journals such as "Phytologia" http://biostor.org/issn/0031-9430/year/2012 and "Journal of The Arnold Arboretum" http://biostor.org/issn/0004-2625/year/1947

There is also some more experimental stuff, such as searching BioStor using an interactive map http://biostor.org/map and the "labs" page http://biostor.org/labs

To see what journals are currently being added (and various discussions between myself and BHL staff) you can visit the BioStor page on GitHub https://github.com/rdmpage/biostor/issues, where you can also report bugs and other problems.



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