[Taxacom] dissections slides vs preservation

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 11:34:41 CST 2017

Dear curators/collection managers,

As there are quite a few august institutions represented on Taxacom I would
be interested in any thoughts on the following. I work with some moths
where the male genitalia are quite large and have a three dimensional
structure that is quite destroyed when slide mounted. Further, slide mounts
preclude effective examination in the future, and even if the mounting
medium were dissolved, the condition of the specimen may be severely
compromised. Dissections also require removal of the entire abdomen. The
skin could be slide mounted, but this would separate it from the genitalia,
and for large moths the skin may be too large for the slide.

It is therefore my opinion that the dissections are better fluid preserved,
whether alcohol or glycerine. With some smaller moths the dissection and
skin could fit in a standard genitalic vial with the specimen, but for
larger moths the dissection would have to be housed separately as is
current with slide mounts.

Thoughts or institutional policies?

John Grehan

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