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As  a matter of sad fact, this paper is not the first and the only attepmt to regulate taxomits' activity  from a pragnamtic standpoint. There is a lot of such instances. Just read this paper on "unitary taxonomy" (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15253355) to see such a position is not uncommon.

Practitions use to wish there taxonomic "backbone" is stable and thus allows to plane and do their buiseness effectively, While those "anarchic" taxonomists devoted to their "anarchic" science disturbe their long-run business stategy.

It is strange that the Nature published this article. It would much more strange if it would reject a panel discussion to give researchers a possibility to declare there position, actually a scientific one not an "applied".


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>Another thing for taxonomists to worry about:
>"Taxonomy anarchy" and its supposed solution. Journal Nature.
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