[Taxacom] Taxonomy Anarchy

Dagmar Triebel triebel at bsm.mwn.de
Fri Jun 2 11:10:35 CDT 2017

Dear colleages,

I might also add another aspect, because we currently have a regional 
project to curate such a regional checklist of plant taxa with "current 
taxonomy" in relation to two so-called conservation codes, i. e. that of 
the Bavarian nature conservation agency and that of the German nature 
conservation agency. These codes reflect two status/ administrative 

Thus, the app involved (in our case an installation of 
DiversityTaxonNames)  has to organise (a) the changes of taxonomy and 
nomenclature (including more than one taxon concept) beside different 
administrative snapshots  for these taxon concepts mainly referenced 
by   published red list books. The consistent management of a number of 
stable intern and extern identifiers in this context is crucial.

If we could discuss the various facets of this subject - also with hint 
to some aspects of data management and data publication via web services 
in this context, I would also sign such a reponse.



  Am 02.06.2017 um 17:39 schrieb Marcos Lhano:
> Dear colleagues
> I totally agree with Francisco comments. I was thinking exactly the 
> same before read this email, for example, a valid name don´t delete 
> the synonyms. And for classification, we are constantly looking for 
> the natural one, but all proposed classifications are theories and, in 
> this way, a new classification don´t delete the previous one.
> I also agree with Dijkstra comments, specially: "/...it is true that 
> most conservationists have no appreciation of taxonomy and (worse 
> still) that most taxonomists have little understanding of 
> conservation/". And, the point of view of these authors fits clearly 
> here.
> So, I also would be happy to sign any response.
> Cheers, Lhano


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