[Taxacom] Taxonomy Anarchy

Nico Franz nico.franz at asu.edu
Fri Jun 2 14:37:20 CDT 2017

We can build biological information systems where taxonomic perspective is
properly modeled as a temporally, regionally changing variable. (here's a
proposal how: http://riojournal.com/article/10610/)

And then assess the relative robustness of certain conservation policies -
vis-a-vis that variable. My hope would be that that is satisfactory to all
involved. Taxonomy can evolve, and inferences based on certain perspectives
will be as robust as is commensurate with the amplitude of the variable.

Cheers, Nico

Mike Ivie writes

All of this is simple to fix -- the Nature paper authors simply do not
get it, and our community is over thinking the response. When
legislation is enacted, it should simply specify the paper whose
classification is followed. Then, if the classification changes, the law
still applies to the taxon sensu the cited work. This is not brain
surgery, folks!


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