[Taxacom] new Fauna Europaea website

Marco Uliana marco.uliana.1 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 17:50:59 CDT 2017

Dear all, I have been an intensive user of the Fauna Europaea website since
its launch.
In spite of the well-known lack of taxonomic updates, the site was - in my
opinion - a great tool to quickly explore the diversity of a taxon,
richness of species, distribution, etc,
As a museum curator, I was used to consult that website at least weekly and
download spreadsheets with list of names (to chech against collections,
print labels, etc...)

However, since a while, users were automatically redirect to a new website,
"smarter" (?) in appearance but absolutely worst as for the content/tools.
The old website was still available, but since today I cannot reach it

At a difference from the old website, with the new one

   - you can't get the list of the species of a taxon above the genus
   level, not even with advanced search  (e.g.: you won't get any list
   searching for "Papilionidae")
   - you can't get the list of the species of a taxon above genus level
   filtering by country (e.g.: you can't get the list of Papilionidae of Italy)
   - you can't download any spreadsheet (nor anything else) with the list
   of species produced by your search
   - you have a taxon tree that is by no mean fitting the narrow window
   where it is inserted, and that returns to top each time you open a node
   - long list of species are broken in different pages with 25 rows each
   (you can't check the list at a glance, you can't search within the page for
   alternative spellings, etc.)
   - you have to click/move across 6 pages to read the list of countries of
   presence (yes, there is a map)

It is practically useless.

A few months ago I wrote to the staff expressing my doubts and my plea to
save the old site or at least its functions, but I got no answer.

How is it possible that such a useful tool was messed up in this almost
completely useless way?
Anyone sharing my feelings? How can we complain about this?

Thanks, Marco Uliana - Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia

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