[Taxacom] 1. Review of Reinvention of Australasian Biogeography (John Grehan)

Antonio López Almirall cycas at mnhnc.inf.cu
Wed Jun 14 11:23:42 CDT 2017

My dear friend, John, you, the same thing happened to me with the 
publication of Rosen on the Caribbean.As he recently wrote, Croizat, based 
on his experiences, developed a scientifically grounded theory.From that 
foundation he created a graphic method.I can have and I have discrepancies 
with Croizat's conceptions, normal thing sixty years after they were 
written.But my discrepancies are with a scientific conception so I can 
discuss on the plane of science.
The results on a cladistic basis, on the other hand, are accepted as an 
axiom, but there is no scientific basis.Most is said to be a different 
analysis to the numerical taxonomy of Sokal & Sneath of the sixties of the 
last century.The difference is that to apply cladístic is previous study of 
the taxonomy of the group is necessary.Curiously, everyone forgot that 
condition was stated as necessary when the method was invented.The basic 
method used in cladistics appears in Sokal & Sneath, but without much 
emphasis, the Manhattan block.That numerical method is the inverse of 
Pythagoras: if for two cathets only one hypotenuse is possible, for a 
hypotenuse there are infinite combinations of cathets.This of course forces 
a consensus.For this consensus is carried out a nodal analysis, something we 
did more than once, out of curiosity with other methods in the 60's of last 
In biogeography, as I wrote some days ago, the use of cladistics is a major 
aberration.A method is applied whose foundations are absolutely empirical, 
without a coherent scientific biological explanation.Although I admit that 
in the formal terrain it is assumed that the evolution of living beings has 
a dichotomous pattern.But we forget that the universe and all its components 
are also in constant evolution, since according to one of the options of 
Enisten the evolution of the universe could be helical.According to schools 
derived from Hegel's dialectics that is the general model of evolution.That 
means that matter, while having the property of life, which is exceptional 
has by exception dichotomous evolution.Therefore it is absurd to put the 
territories on those trees, since the trees are inserted in one or several 
evolutionary cycles of the universe.

Dr. Antonio López Almirall
President of the Scientific Council
National Museum of Natural History of Cuba
cycas at mnhnc.inf.cu

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