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Why do we we need honorifics anyway?  They merely serve as masks for people to hide behind.
I have met plenty of people with PhDs who are idiots and fools - university campuses are full of them.

Almost any one with half a brain can grind a way and get a PhD - big deal!  Don't let this serve as a cover for the real person. There is an old saying, "The bigger the front, the bigger the behind".

Did Socrates have a B.A. in philosophy,  Galileo a M.S. in physics or Leonardo da Vinci a M.A. in Fine Arts? And what about Charles Darwin ?
So Freeman Dyson didn't have a Ph.D. - so what?  Einstein worked as a patents clerk in Bern while he was developing his theory of special relativity.

To introduce a speaker at a lecture, simply say,   "I would like to introduce John Doe, whose lecture is entitled,  'On the superficiality of academic  titles and honorifics'

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 I remember going to a lecture by Freeman Dyson and the guy  whointroduced him went on and on about him not having a  Ph.D. but he was AOK anyway.  Embarrassing. There are  several highly productive researchers here who only have  M.A. degrees, and Mr. or Ms. seems pedestrian. I recommend  that a term be devised and used as an honorific for such  people. I suggest the term "Magister." Kind of high-falutin  but apparently cognate with a "Masters" degree, see  Wikipedia.

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