[Taxacom] specimen curation

Yusuf Edmardash edmardash at sci.cu.edu.eg
Tue Mar 7 13:53:44 CST 2017

I have a question related to curation of specimens in  insect collections.

During my work with some preserved braconid specimens I found some of them
covered with fungal threads and granules. many of these specimens are of
very taxonomic importance for my study and should be investigated and

Usually, I react with them by sweeping over the body by a fine brush
(witted with ethanol) as well as pulling the fungal filaments by fine
forceps and needles, this technique work correctly in many cases but the
problems that it may cause the destruction of some insect parts especially
antenna and delicate apices.

Would you know any much effective method to solve this problem ?

Thank you very much in advance.


Yusuf Edmardash

Cairo University, Faculty of Science, Department of Entomology, Egypt, Giza.

P.O. Box: 12613

Cell phone: +20100 2070966



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