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Thanks for that clarification Doug,

Interesting that the format had been incorrectly presented in the
Lepidoptera catalog (Ebbe S. Nielsen , Gaden S. Robinson and David L.
Wagner. 2000. Ghost-moths of the world: a global inventory and bibliography
of the Exoporia (Mnesarchaeoidea and Hepialoidea) (Lepidoptera). Journal of
Natural History, 2000, 34, 823–878) especially given that the first two
authors had a long established history of taxonomic works. I realize now
that I have not seen the inclusion of quote marks for the stated date so
will look for that in the future.

So for a hypothetical text citation I presume it would be correct to say
(using the square bracket option):  "The moths were found at night
(Hamspon, 1893 ["1892"])."

and for a page reference it could be

"The moths were found at night (Hamspon, 1893 ["1892"]: 576)."

or "according to Hampson Hampson (893 ["1892"]: 576), moths are found at

John Grehan

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 11:50 AM, Doug Yanega <dyanega at ucr.edu> wrote:

> On 3/17/17 8:17 AM, John Grehan wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> I would be grateful for clarification of the correct formatting for
>> reference within a text of a work for which the actual publication was
>> later than the stated date. I have reviewed the code but still not quite
>> sure of the correct format.
>> In reference to the following publication:
>> Hampson, G.F. [1893] (1892). The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon
>> and Burma. Moths, Vol. 1. Taylor and Francis, London, 527pp.
>> The genus Palpifer (Lepidoptera) was established in this publication and
>> is
>> usually presented by the literature (such as a taxonomic catalog) as:
>> Palpifer Hampson, [1893]
>> So when first mentioning the genus in a text, am I correct to understand
>> that it is stated the same way, as Palpifer Hampson, [1893] or should it
>> be
>> Hampson [1893] without the coma?
>> Next, I refer to content in that publication in the following way – “The
>> stem boring habit of Indian Endoclita was perhaps first recorded by
>> Hampson
>> [1893].” Again, is this correct according to ICZN rules?
>> And for “The only reference to larval biology is a brief note by Hampson
>> [1893]: 317…” for a page reference, or should it be “Hampson [1893: 317]”?
>> Or something different?
>> I hope this is a straightforward question without ambiguities. Even after
>> reading the ICZN Article 22 I found I was not completely sure of the
>> correct application.
>> The Code does not *mandate" the format for citation of date, it only
> *recommends*.
> In this case, the recommendation is actually quite explicit:
> "22A.2.3. if wishing to cite both the actual and the imprint dates, should
> first cite the actual date, followed by the imprint date for information
> and enclosed in parentheses or other brackets and quotation marks; for a
> different use of parentheses for the dates of family-group replacement
> names maintained underArticle 40.2.1 <http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted-s
> ites/iczn/code/includes/page.jsp?nfv=&article=40#2.1>, seeRecommendation
> 40A <http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted-sites/iczn/code/includes/page.j
> sp?nfv=&article=40#rec40A>.
> Examples./Ctenotus alacer/Storr, 1970 ("1969"), or/Ctenotus alacer/Storr,
> 1970 ["1969"], or/Ctenotus alacer/Storr, 1970 (imprint 1969), or/Ctenotus
> alacer/Storr, 1970 (not 1969), was established in a work which, although
> published in 1970, carried an imprint date of 1969;/Anomalopus
> truncatus/(Peters, 1876 ["1877"]) was established in a different genus
> from/Anomalopus/in a work which, although published in 1876, carried an
> imprint date of 1877."
> Therefore, it should be Palpifer Hampson, 1893 ("1892").
> Peace,
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