[Taxacom] Natural History Collections Under Fire

S.L. Gardner sgardner1 at unl.edu
Tue Mar 28 23:15:28 CDT 2017


We cannot stand by while people throw away the record of life on earth. 
Write a letter to *pani at ulm.edu* and point out his stupidity and 
indicate that his decision will DECREASE the long-term funding of his 

Students want to learn natural history, they hunger for knowledge of the 
animals and plants on our earth. This is the only place we have -earth- 
it is more than a sporting venue. Someone like Pani does not have a clue 
about our earth. Tell him.

Scott Gardner


University Threatens Destruction of Millions of Specimens if Museum of 
Natural History Collection Not Relocated [Updated] 
According to a Facebook post from the University of Louisiana at Monroe 
Museum of Natural History, administrators have demanded that 6.5 million 
plant and fish specimens must find a new home on campus within 48 hours 
or they will be have to be donated or destroyed. Apparently, space is 
needed for the track team.


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