[Taxacom] Macaronesia biogeography

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Thu May 11 10:12:17 CDT 2017

Anyone interested in the following paper please let me know.

Grehan 2017. Australian Systematic Botany, 2016, 29, 447–472. Biogeographic
relationships between Macaronesia
and the Americas.

Abstract. A vicariance model is presented for the origin of Macaronesian
endemics and their allopatric American
relatives. Trans-Atlantic relationships are identified for 21 taxa in which
an endemic Macaronesian clade either has a sister
group in the New World or is part of a larger monophyletic group that
includes representatives in the New World. Historical
implications of this pattern are discussed in relation to current tectonic
and geological models for the Central Atlantic and
the Macaronesian Islands. The proposed vicariance model identifies a local
origin for the Macaronesian endemics from
ancestral distributions that already encompassed ancestral Macaronesia and
parts of the New and Old World before
formation of the Atlantic. The present-day existence of Macaronesian
endemics is attributed to sequential colonisation of
newly formed islands within the Atlantic from Mesozoic time.

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