[Taxacom] Macaronesia biogeography

Sat May 13 07:08:15 CDT 2017

John, please, send me a pdf copy of your publication.

Thank you very much for your kindness

Antonio G Valdecasas

John Grehan <calabar.john at gmail.com> escribió:

> Anyone interested in the following paper please let me know.
> Grehan 2017. Australian Systematic Botany, 2016, 29, 447–472. Biogeographic
> relationships between Macaronesia
> and the Americas.
> Abstract. A vicariance model is presented for the origin of Macaronesian
> endemics and their allopatric American
> relatives. Trans-Atlantic relationships are identified for 21 taxa in which
> an endemic Macaronesian clade either has a sister
> group in the New World or is part of a larger monophyletic group that
> includes representatives in the New World. Historical
> implications of this pattern are discussed in relation to current tectonic
> and geological models for the Central Atlantic and
> the Macaronesian Islands. The proposed vicariance model identifies a local
> origin for the Macaronesian endemics from
> ancestral distributions that already encompassed ancestral Macaronesia and
> parts of the New and Old World before
> formation of the Atlantic. The present-day existence of Macaronesian
> endemics is attributed to sequential colonisation of
> newly formed islands within the Atlantic from Mesozoic time.
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