[Taxacom] New open access articles in BioStor

Roderic Page Roderic.Page at glasgow.ac.uk
Tue May 16 08:08:18 CDT 2017

Some new journals appearing in BioStor, or having additional volumes added as BHL continues to scan the biodiversity literature.

For entomologists Pan-Pacific Entomologist http://biostor.org/issn/0031-0603/year/1930 is now starting to become available.

Arachnologists may enjoy the Journal of Arachnology http://biostor.org/issn/0161-8202/year/2010

For botanists there are articles from Nuytsia http://biostor.org/issn/0085-4417/year/2002, the American Fern Journal http://biostor.org/issn/0002-8444/year/2010, and the Garden's Bulletin Singapore http://biostor.org/issn/0374-7859/year/2016

This is a small subset of the growing number of post-1923 content becoming freely available via BHL. As alsways, if you are involved in publishing or archiving a journal BHL is always interested in helping you make that journal available to a wider audience.

To keep in touch with progress on recognising articles in BioStor you can follow it on Twitter https://twitter.com/biostor_org



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