[Taxacom] Any idea about platform for web database?

Andrew Novikoff novikoffav at gmail.com
Mon May 22 06:34:54 CDT 2017

Dear colleagues,
I want to create some website containing information about some rare and
endemic plants of Ukrainian Carpathians. I am planning to host there data
about their distribution, taxonomic notes, chorology, publications etc. I
want t make it as much comprehensive as possible, with accent on
searchibility and accessibility. I planed to use for such purposes the
Scratchpads platform, which seems to be the best solution. However it looks
like Scratchpads team does not allow creation of new websites anymore.

So, can anybody recommend me some other platform similar to Scratchpads
(either with remote hosting or with installation on my own hosted domain)?
U looked for Specify and Xper3, however this products looks not as that I
want (http://slovaconitum.myspecies.info/ - my old website built on

Thanks for any advise!



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