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Very interesting about the Pinus silvestris subsection. Cuba has a
geological origin in the Pacific so a Eurasian connection that way would
not be surprising. The Canary Islands connection is also interesting as I
had not come across that in my literature search on Canary Island Pinus.
Will be interested in the source literature.

Yes, with the molecular clock age of 40 million years that is the minimum
date and so anything older is a certainty. Cuba lies in the middle of one
of the major biogeographic centers of the world (the Caribbean Gate) and so
such broad global connections with deep evolutionary origins are to be

John Grehan

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> 1. Metapopulation vicariance paper (John Grehan)
> The phenomenon you describe is good for us, but a lineage can remain in the
> area for much more than ten million years. Cuba is an oceanic island formed
> from a volcanic arc. Lives in a small territory of Cuba the only species of
> pine "silvestris" subsection (related with Pinus silvestris) that there is
> in America, Pinus tropicalis Morelet. Relatives of this species are in
> Eurasia, except the Cuban and another in Canary Islands close to Africa.
> The
> species, according to the molecular clock bottom has 40 million years old
> slightly to the Greater Antilles. That means that lineage was there much
> earlier, probably during fractionation of Pangea, before forming of the
> Caribbean plate. Therefore, the only possible explanation for their
> presence
> is yours.
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