[Taxacom] Kirkbride field books archieved

Kirkbride, Joseph H. KirkbrideJ at si.edu
Fri May 26 12:43:48 CDT 2017

My 33 field books and collecting diaries have been accessioned in the Smithsonian Institution Archives (SIA). Their accession number is 17-239, and requests concerning the information in those materials should refer to that accession number. They are not restricted in any way, and the information in them is open to all users of the SIA. To consult the materials, please contact the Reference Team at osiaref at si.edu<mailto:osiaref at si.edu> (1-202-633-5925).

The field books cover the following countries, numbers, and dates:

Panama, Specimens 1-408, July 29-August 28, 1967; Inserts: Collectors involved in plants of Panama, 1-1686, July 29, 1967-May 5, 1968, Panama; 14000-14074, August 29-31, 1967; Planalto Collection localities for W. R. Anderson, M. Stieber, and J. H. Kirkbride, Jr., in 1972

Panama, Specimens 409-1686 (1388-1636 are English translations of the original Spanish in following field book), April 11-May 5, 1968; Inserts: Distribution list 1-934

Panama, April 28, [1968], Specimens 1-249 renumbered 1388-1636 (Spanish list, English translation in previous field book)

Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia, Specimens 1687-2700, January 23-December 17, 1972

Brasil, Specimens 2701-3075, January 12-March 5, 1977

Brasil, Specimens 3076-3556, December 19, 1979-July 10, 1980

Brasil, Specimens 3557-3999, July 10, 1980-March 12, 1981

Ecuador, Brasil, Specimens 4000-4637, June 30, 1978; February 13, 1981-February 2, 1982

Brasil, Specimens 4638-5084, February 10-November 22, 1982

Brasil, Specimens 5085-5528, November 24, 1982-April 16, 1984

Brasil, Colombia, Maryland, Specimens 5529-5657, April 28, 1984-December 1986

Portugal, Morocco, Specimens 5658-5957, May 25-June 27, 1989

Morocco, Pakistan, Maryland, Washington, DC, Massachusetts, New York, Specimens 5958-6175, June 28, 1989-June 10, 2009

Maryland, Virginia, Alabama, New York, Georgia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Specimens 6176-6471, June 10, 2009-May 16, 2011

Florida, Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Specimens 6472-6731, May 17, 2011-August 21, 2015

Florida, Specimens 6441-6604, May 12-31, 2011

The curators of COL, NY, MO, NA, Q, RAB, UB, and US should be aware of where my field books are deposited because they hold different parts of the first set of my collections.

I thank the Smithsonian Institution and the staff of the Department of Botany for achieving my field books and collecting diaries.

Joe K

Joseph H. Kirkbride, Jr.
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