[Taxacom] fascinating reading (John Grehan)

Antonio López Almirall cycas at mnhnc.inf.cu
Wed May 31 09:49:15 CDT 2017

Although I did not enter this controversy from the beginning, and I have not 
even read the work to which reference is made, I am an outspoken advocate of 
panbiogeography.As I see it is the only current in biogeography, born in the 
last 60 years thought of the paradigms and principles of two sciences: 
biology and physical geography.Of this variant in biogeography it can only 
be said that it has limitations, but that human interpretation of reality 
does not have it.
How many limitations are not known to Newton's mechanics.But without it 
there would be no quantum mechanics.Not to mention that these principles, 
already out of fashion, are the only ones that can be applied in most of our 
daily activities.At present, the new currents of biogeography start from 
biological concepts and paradigms, and ignore the synthetic character of 
this science, to the extreme that today it is considered as a theoretical 
science, without any social application.Those who think differently have had 
to invent new sciences.
In my view, the thinking and vision of Croizat have not been studied in 
depth, and around them each tries to hang his vision.In my personal case, I 
try as far as I can to study the genius of that specialist, and I use it as 
a starting point, to go forward, as in a moment was done with Newton.

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