[Taxacom] FW: How to fund scientific project

bayshark at exemail.com.au bayshark at exemail.com.au
Wed Oct 11 00:50:17 CDT 2017

Dear colleagues,


Is there any website who helps you collect money or fund scientific project?


I would like to organised  microscope Leica with USB camera to take pictures
of beetles for the Australian Living Atlas.






(name) Wratislaw Ricardo Eugene Maria John Baptist

(surname) of Bejšák (it is pronounced as a Bayshark)-Colloredo-Mansfeld 

website: www.coleoptera.org

address: P.O.Box 3335 , Redfern, NSW 2016

phone : +61 0420602040
alternate email: bayshark at ymail.com (to iPhone)


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