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This is on the publication of a new book.

*Bryophytes of Kerala- Liverworts Volume 1*


Manju C.N. and K.P. Rajesh

First in the series of *Bryophytes of Kerala*, it contains illustrative
account of 101 species (out of 200), of Liverworts known from the South
Indian State of Kerala. It is designed for the easy use of amateurs and
professionals alike, with half page photograph/illustration and half page
description, and details of distribution. Check list of Liverworts species
recorded from Kerala is given. It is printed in thick, glossy paper, with
mat-finished laminated cover. Its handy size (210 x 140 mm = 8.27 x 5.51
inches), in paperback makes it suitable for use in the field.

Foreword by Professor Dr. P.V. Madhusoodanan, formerly Head of the
Department of Botany, University of Calicut, Kerala, India.

Published by the

*Centre for Research in Indigenous* *Knowledge, Science & Culture (CRIKSC)*,
Calicut, Kerala, India;

supported by the

*Malabar Natural History Society* (MNHS), Calicut, Kerala, India.

ISBN 978-81-903430-3-9

Size 210 x 140 mm ( 8.27 x 5.51 inches); pages 162


Manju, C.N. and Rajesh, K.P. 2017. *Bryophytes of Kerala- Liverworts Volume
1*. Centre for Research in Indigenous Knowledge, Science & Culture
(CRIKSC), Calicut, India. Pp i-iv+162

*Prize INR 1200/US$ 20*

For copies please contact:

kprajesh.botany at gmail.com/ manjucali at gmail.com

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