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Yes, very sad about what has become of the Australian Museum ! However, I can tell you that in my opinion the rot started within it long ago, and what we see unfolding now are the inevitable death throws that result from a maladministration cancer that actually had its genesis within its own ranks. A museum that is run by those who act more like Government and Bureaucratic lapdogs than scientists has no secure future. In my view the NSW Government should offer up for sale all of the AM material so that other world museums who still honour their original charter of collecting, protecting and storing for posterity their collections are able to salvage this priceless treasure before it is too late....if it is not already. A pox on those irresponsibles - they turn every cell in my body putrid with contempt...

Anyway, those hot summer days in the bush when we were all youngsters collecting beetles among the Bursaria are now long gone. The precious few specimens salvaged in lieu of saving their habitats was small compensation for a lost world, and soon only the memories of what was will remain with us....a few naturalists whose numbers decline now faster than the collections we struggled to build it would seem...

Best Wishes to you Weevil Man 😊

Richard Wells

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Dear friends,

Our crook corrupted politicians and bureaucrats destroying our country step
by step and we - powerless citizens can cry only.

Now the Australian museum, our museum of Australian nature gets a hit!

Friday 13 of October director of museum accompanied with top politicians (no
scientist or naturalist who will be probably horrified) open 3 floors of new
museum exhibition space under name THE  200 TREASURES in old museum gallery.

All Australian fauna - over 4 000 birds, insects and spiders on display was
replaced with 200 scattered items half of them not Australian ones.

All exhibition of insects on the top floor , hundreds different genera and
species was replaced with just one common genus Anoplognathus (=Christmas
beetle) in lousy few display boxes !

All Australian birds in second floor, was replaced just with one penguin

People who will come to our naturalist Australian museum to see Australian
birds, lizards or insects will see instead our first banknote, nugget of
gold, sledge of first Antarctic expedition or apron from Salomon Island.....

So display of our Australian nature has been eliminated from Australian
museum with financial help of Westpack bank.

So will be no surprised if our government also wipes out our wildlife from
our country with helps of Chinese developers!



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