[Taxacom] property is theft... or something

Tim Dickinson tim.dickinson at utoronto.ca
Fri Sep 1 12:34:29 CDT 2017

C'mon guys, follow up on Doug Yanega's point and give Luis Popa a break! 
Scan the chapter he needs. Luis, I have a couple of the Hartl books and, 
in retirement no longer need them. Know anybody travelling back to your 
place from Canada (and please god let the transmission of printed matter 
to individuals there not be so obscenely baroque as it is w/ Russia!)? 
w/ all due respect, I think we've all made scans or p'copies of stuff we 
use in our work.

But you all prove why i love taxacom (most of the time).

Now can you please chop off all the preceding stuff from your posts???

cheers, ---tad.

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