[Taxacom] property is theft... or something

Francisco Welter-Schultes fwelter at gwdg.de
Fri Sep 1 16:12:17 CDT 2017

Theft in the classical sense is stealing something and taking it away so 
that the owner cannot use it any more. This is a 100 % lost of property. 
Providing electronic image copies of a copyrighted book is not allowed, 
but theft is the incorrect and inappropriate expression because the 
owner of the book still owns it and can continue working with it, 
selling it. Maybe some people who would buy a book would not buy it if 
they get the electronic file. So there might be a lost of opportunities 
of property usage, much lower than the 100 % lost in the case of a theft.

A public library that offers scientists and students to make xerox 
(printed image) copies of books is traditionally allowed to do so. The 
producers of books have always accepted that because that lost of 
property usage opportunity turned out to be unmeasurably low.

Just like Doug I authored a scientific book, it is continuously sold and 
I make money with it. It contains 2200 descriptions and pictures of 
terrestrial molluscs. All the descriptions and all the pictures are 
online and anyone who has no money can work with that information, 
download it and be happy, upload pictures to Wikipedia or whatever they 
like. I never made the experience that the sale rates of the book are 
affected. In the contrary, providing free online content is a cheap 
advertisement for the book, more people get to know it and some suddenly 
buy it because they prefer to have that content in a printed form. I 
tried it out and it worked, but I am certainly not the first to have 
made such positive experiences.


Am 01.09.2017 um 19:34 schrieb Tim Dickinson:
> C'mon guys, follow up on Doug Yanega's point and give Luis Popa a break! 
> Scan the chapter he needs. Luis, I have a couple of the Hartl books and, 
> in retirement no longer need them. Know anybody travelling back to your 
> place from Canada (and please god let the transmission of printed matter 
> to individuals there not be so obscenely baroque as it is w/ Russia!)? 
> w/ all due respect, I think we've all made scans or p'copies of stuff we 
> use in our work.
> But you all prove why i love taxacom (most of the time).
> Now can you please chop off all the preceding stuff from your posts???
> cheers, ---tad.
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