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Daniel Whitmore whitmore.daniel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 12:03:54 CDT 2017

Dear all,

Sadly, former member of NHM staff and entomologist Roger W. Crosskey passed
away yesterday after a brief period in hospital.

He will be remembered for his outstanding contributions to dipterology,
most notably on the biosystematics of Simuliidae and Tachinidae but also of
other calyptrate families such as the Muscidae, Rhinophoridae and
Calliphoridae. His works include several large monographs published in the
Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) such as the taxonomic
conspectuses of Oriental and Australasian tachinids. He was editor-in-chief
of the Afrotropical Diptera Catalogue and contributed chapters to the
Afrotropical, Australasian and Oriental regional catalogues, which are
still widely in use by the scientific community today, and is author of the
cornerstone book on simuliids, “The Natural History of Blackflies”. He was
a respected biogeographer and a member of the management committee for the
International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature.

Roger began his career as a medical entomologist for the Nigerian Ministry
of Health (1951-1958), then worked for the Commonwealth Institute of
Entomology (1959-1972) before joining the Natural History Museum. He
started as head of the Hymenoptera section, then moved to Diptera as head
of section before being promoted to Senior Principal Scientific Officer and
spending his last years purely on research. He retired in 1990 but remained
as a Scientific Associate until 2016.

He will be warmly remembered by former colleagues and friends and by all of
those who are familiar with his scientific legacy.


Dr Daniel Whitmore

Senior Curator

(Diptera & Siphonaptera)

Department of Life Sciences

Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road

London SW7 5BD

United Kingdom

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